Developing new technologies and overcoming challenges is part of our daily job

With more than 2800 square meters of built area, EC Equipamentos develops solutions every day for the lifting of loads, lifting of people and for the electric sector, serving today the main electric companies in the country and their service providers.


AIn addition to the manufacture of crane components and accessories, EC Equipamentos provides Nr12 Adequacy services for Cranes and Aerial Baskets, with trained technicians in the Nr12 Adequacy segment, where we guarantee excellence in this type of service.

EC Equipamentos is the official and exclusive distributor of Scanreco remote controls in the Brazilian market, products of excellent quality and superiority in terms of technology developed for cranes.

In addition to remote controls, we provide exclusive kits and services for installing and adapting remote controls on any crane model.

For more information consult our sales team!

Developing exclusive products with the latest technology is part of our daily lives.

In this image you can see an isolated 138 kV coupled basket in operation, allowing the crane to work on electrical networks safely and quickly.

EC Equipamentos has a diversified line of equipment for this type of operation, for more information consult our sales team.

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"EC Indústria e Comércio de Equipamentos LTDA is committed to customer satisfaction in carrying out our services and selling our products. We constantly seek continuous improvement of our products while always preserving the technical responsibility of our activities."

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We are a family owned and operated business. Due to the high flow of incoming and outgoing trucks from our unit, deliveries of raw materials and product collections must be scheduled in advance with our receiving / shipping sector.

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